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“Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.”― Stanisław Lem, Solaris



A giant maze like structure is discovered on Mars. The player is a veteran astronaut sent to the red planet with his team of researchers to unravel the secrets of the maze. Who built it? what was its purpose? and why was it abandoned? these are some of the answers  the player will seek... Their mission is to solve the maze’s puzzles and more importantly, find and rescue their son, lost within it.


Into The Maze is an adventure game about exploring and solving puzzles within a huge, alien maze. The player controls a small robotic drone to help him navigate the environment, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. The drone has special abilities and features to help the player in their quest such as accessing  unreachable places, traversing dangerous areas and a tractor beam to interact with the maze’s contraptions.


Inspired by classic science fiction pieces such as Solaris and The Man In The Maze, the game features a deep story for an adult audience. With 100% non-violent gameplay and  stunning 3D graphics in low-poly style, Into The Maze is inspired by puzzle games such as Portal and The Witness.



-Explore a mysterious alien structure and unravel it’s secrets.


-Control a drone and use its different abilities and perspective to solve mind bending environmental puzzles.


-Find upgrades for your drone to unlock new pathways and solutions


-Stunning low poly graphics in an alien sci-fi settings rendered with Unreal Engine 4.


-Deep and engaging narrative unfolds as you progress through the mazes riddles.


-Non violent gameplay.


-Carefully designed for adult adventure game lovers with limited time on their hands.



What is the game play like?

While playing Into the Maze the player explores a massive alien maze on mars. The maze is full of riddles, contraptions and traps. The player solves puzzles by controlling a small drone which has many special abilities. When controlling the drone the players POV changes to the drone’s POV and he can drive him around the environment and use his abilities such as accessing  small places, a tractor beam for interacting, scanning for intractables, and much more. The game is a tandem between the player and the drone and about choosing strategically where and how to deploy it.


You mentioned a deep story, what is it about?

Without  giving too many spoilers, the main plot of the game revolves around the player character looking for his son, Jonah,  lost in the martian maze. Jonah is also part of the crew of researchers sent to the mysterious site and while solving the maze’s puzzles the player will also learn about the past and story behind their relationship with Jonah. The story will unfold through flashbacks and environments in the mazes reflecting the player characters past, memories and emotions. 


How long is Into The Maze?

The game will be separated into 4 episodes of around 3 hours of game play each, so a total of 12 hours. Every new episode will  take place in a different area of the maze and will finish in the player finding a crucial evidence about the maze’s origin and also about their personal story. 


Who is this game for?

Into The Maze is a game for adult gamers who enjoy adventure games with interesting puzzles, mysterious sci-fi settings to explore and a deep narrative to decipher. It's designed for people who don't have a lot of time on their hands but love adventure and exploration games and want to enjoy an experience that satisfies their imagination and fits their schedule.

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