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We are an independent video game studio. We love making games, building worlds and visual story telling. 

Our main focus is making games with deep stories and  meaningful experiences. We aim our games for an audience who on one hand, seek good fun and excitement, but on the other,  want an immersive and engaging story to explore.

Our current title is Into The Maze. It's an adventure game set on planet Mars that features environmental puzzles inside a giant maze the player can explore with new and engaging mechanics.

The Team :)


Nadav Hekselman

Founder & Creative director


An award winning  filmmaker/cinematographer who works in the Israeli film industry and also worked on shows for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. While on his journey as a visual storytelling artist Nadav fell in love with the art form of video games. Nadav has been working on many game projects ever since,  using the Unreal Engine and many 3D tools to create the art and environments for his games. In 2019 Nadav has established his studio Indistinct Chatter and began working on the game Into The Maze.



Twitter: @indiechattie

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